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Story no. 30: Before the unpleasant happenings.

Behzad and Shahab were friends and also classmates.
But Behzad’s illness caused him to keep away from education for two years.
During these two continous years, Shahab rejoiced at Behzad’s misfortune and said that you are left behind while I am making my way through higher classes.
After Behzad was well, he continued his education and they both went to the university together.
But because of some family problems in Shahab’s household, he had to stay at home and could not continue education at the university.
Behzad studied well, got a diploma and became a doctor and hence reached high status.

Yes, it is against the morals of Islam to rejoice at the misfortune of others. It is possible that he will be freed of it and you be caught.