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Story no. 34: Jawad and familiarity with the book.

Jawad was a youngster of 11 years.
He troubled his mother, didn’t listen to her, used to say unpleasant words, shouted over his mother’s head, used abusive language, and sat with his legs up in front of his mother.
His mother was very cross with him.
Till the day, when a book, in which the respect of parents was written, came in Jawad’s hand.
In connection with disobedience to parents it had strange claims.
Jawad read that once a man asked the Holy Prophet (saw) 100 times that what the best action he could perform was. The prophet (saw) replied “respecting your mother”.
After reading this, Jawad went to his mother and asked for forgiveness for all his boldness.
His mother not only forgave him, but was also kinder to him than before.