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Story no. 37: Behrouz - The boy who played with pigeons.

Behrouz was a boy of fifteen years. He loved to play with pigeons.
One day, with a few pigeons that he had kept as pets, he was playing with them on his palm.
His neighbours were very unhappy with this, because with excuse of playing with pigeons, he would peep in the yard of his neighbours, and so the neighbours could not go freely in their yard.
Neither the objection of his neighbours, nor the advice of his parents made him come off his action of pestering people.
One day, he met one of his old friends, Salaar. They had not seen each other for a long time. Behrouz asked “What are you doing nowadays?”
He replied “I go to school in the mornings, and in the afternoon I go to the language classes so that I make my way to the university as well as get a diploma in language.”
That was when Behrouz became aware of his mistake. From the next day, he freed his pigeons and made use of his time by acquiring knowledge.