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Story no. 38: Mu’in - the boy who pestered people

Mu’in was a naughty boy of 8 years.
He used to ring the doorbells of the people of his street and used to run away.
When the people opened their doors and found no one, they were very angry indeed.
After that, the children of the street kept watch of their street to catch the bad boy.
One day, at last they saw him ringing the bell of a house.
At once they surrounded him and caught him. Some children wanted to punish him, but one of the children suggested that it would be best if they handed him over to his parents and made them aware of these events.
When his parents were made aware of these happenings, they were very unhappy. But they did not have any choice except for advising him.
It wasn’t long before Mu’in, from the advice of his parents, left these bad actions and was in the circle of the good children of the street.