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Story no. 41:Majid and an action against etiquettes.

Majid was a youngster of 11 years.
As he was passing by the corner of a wall he saw Hormuz, a boy from the next street, climbed up on the wall and plucking figs and eating them.
He called out to him “Hey, Hormuz, come down, otherwise I’ll report to the owner of the house”.
When Hormuz heard this, he at once came down. After he did, Majid advised him and said “You did two things that were against morals. First, you climbed the wall of somebody’s house, and secondly, you plucked and ate someone else’s fruit without their permission, this is theft. Do not repeat it again.

Bravo for Majid and his good training school that he talked about ‘actions against morals’ with others and advised them.