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Story no. 43: Habib, the son of Mashhadi Abbas.

Habib, who was the son of Mashhadi Abbas, was once playing with children in the corner of the street.
Suddenly the loud voice of Maghribain namaz Azan reached their ears.
Habib said “Bye, friends.”
Everyone said “Why?”
Habib said “ It is the time of namaz now. I won’t play anymore, I must go the mosque to pray”.
After Habib departed, one of the children said “Blessed is Habib, really. He recites namaz even though he is a child. I do not know how to pray it”.
The others admitted too that they did not know how to perform namaz.
Another one of the children stood up and said “ Friends, I have a plan. From tomorrow, instead of playing, we will learn namaz from Habib and even go to the mosque with him.