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Story no. 44:The chicks of the house.

Aziz, a boy of four years, said to his father “If it is possible, please bring some chicks to the house so that we can raise them”.Aqa Aqeel, the father of the children, bought a few chicks for the children. Everyday the children gathered round the chicks and enjoyed watching them.
But one day, Aqa Aqeel saw that each of the children had a stick in their hands and were pestering the chicks.
Their father said “ I am going to take these chicks this very day and sell them”.
The children inquired “Father, why?”
Their father replied “ I am doing this because you were pestering the chicks. Don’t you know that you should not pester any animal?”
Little Taqi, with watering eyes, said “Father, do not sell them, we will not pester them anymore”.