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Story no. 46:Sound of the Radio

Shakiba loved to sit beside the radio during her free time.
But she kept the volume very high.
One day her mother told her “Shakiba, decrease the volume”.
Shakiba answered “what is this ! decrease, decrease, decrease all the time”.
Her mother said “How any times should I tell you that you should keep the sound low!”
“But mother! Religious poems are being recited”. Shakiba protested.
Her mother said “It does not matter if they are religious or not, but you should not keep the volume so high. It is possible that the neighbours be disturbed. It is also possible that they have a sick person in the house.
My dear daughter, don’t you know, the leaders of Islam have insisted a lot of keeping the rights of neighbours.
This action of yours is against the morals and etiquettes of Islam”.