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Story no. 49: Trees of the street

Fariedoon, whenever passed his street, would pull and break the branches of the trees or skin them.
One day, Shahid was watching this scene from far.
He said to Fariedoon “Do you know of what use these trees are for?”
He replied “No”.
Shahid said “We humans have a great need of oxygen which we should inhale. This oxygen is given out from plants and trees. We have a job of giving water to the trees so that they do not dry up. This water is taken in by their branches. We, humans take in food and then it reaches different parts of our body through blood vessels. The tree has some substance which does the same job as our blood vessels. These blood vessels are contained in it’s skin. And you are, instead of giving water to it, breaking it’s branches and skinning it”. Fariedoon said “Thank you very much for telling me, I did not know that”.