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Story no. 50: The thirsty animal on the corner of the street.

The thirsty animal was lying on the corner of the street.
People did not pay much attention to it, some went past it without noticing while some just watched and passed by.
Sabir the son of Aqa Dilsouz was watching the dog with much interest.
He went indoors and called his mother “Mother, I want a bowl of water”.
His mother was surprised “For what?” she said.
He replied “ For giving it to a thirsty animal”.
His mother respected his request and gave him what he wanted.
Sabir ran and placed the bowl of water in front of the dog. The dog came slowly, unveiled his tongue and began drinking. After some time he wagged his tail and went away.
Yes, some children, instead of doing this, throw stones at animals and hurt them.
But good children must, whoever it is, avoid hurting them.