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Story no. 52:The fatherless girl.

A girl by the name of Pari had lost her father at a tender age of four years.
She had loved her father very much and was one day crying. Her mother came and took her out with the hope that she would forget her father if she played with the children. But she was not able to do so. Each of the children talked about the love of fathers with her. For example one said “My father bought this doll for me”.
Another said “My father bought these new shoes for me”.
Someone else would say “My father loves me so much that whenever I reach home, he picks me up and kisses me”.
This happened eveyday, till one day her neighbour friend said to her “I know how you feel.” The two of them sat together and shared the pain of being orphans.
From that day, the children of the street would never mention anything regarding ‘fathers’ to Pari and were more kind to her than ever.