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Story no. 53: Why the friendship of Nusrat and Heshmat did not have durability.

Nusrat and Heshmat were class mates as well as play mates.
They were so attached to each other and played together so much that some people thought that they were brothers.
But their friendship did not continue it’s durability. It had a defect, and that defect was caused by an incident. One day Nusrat told Heshmat a good many secrets and told him not to leak them to others. But Heshmat was treacherous towards Nusrat. He told all his friend’s secrets to others.
When Nusrat came to know about this, he was very angry.
He gave him some advice and then told him “You don’t deserve my loyalty and friendship. One of the qualities of the morals of Islam is to keep secrets and we should keep others secrets.