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Story no. 54: Unhappiness of Rasheed from the ridiculing of children.

When Rashid was 2 years old, he had gone to the roof and had fallen down. He suffered a great injury afterwards and limped, and that was the very cause that children at school laughed at him.
Mostly, children walked like him and made others laugh.
Rasheed was greatly hurt and ashamed, so he made up his mind not to go to school anymore.
When his parents came to know, they went and concluded it to the principal of the school.
The principal then went to Rasheed’s class and delivered a short speech on some actions that are not liked in Islam. He said that we must respect all people in the world because they are equal. He also said that God has prevented us from ridiculing and hurting others.
Bravo to those principals that make children aware of actions against Islamic etiquettes.