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Story no. 55: Umid and his apology from his friend.

Umid’s nose began to bleed while coming back from school.
He stood by the wall of the school until the bleeding stopped.
After some time, he saw a place where he could wash hands and face.
He decided to go in and wash the blood off his, hands and nose, so he left his bag and his wrist watch over there.
But when he came back, his watch had been stolen!
Because he had seen his friend some time before in the school, he assumed that it was him who had his watch.
The next day at school, Umid claimed his watch from his friend.
He said that he did not have it.
At last, Umid found the thief of his watch.
But because he had accused his friend of stealing, he went to his friend and apologised.
Yes, accusation is one of the most ill- favoured act in Islam and also a big sin.