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Story no. 62: Respecting aunt instead of mother.

Raazia and Asghar had lost their mother during childhood.
The bearing of the loss of mother was very hard for them.
The services of the house were performed by their father’s wife, but the kindness of a mother and love of father’s wife are completely different.
Though Asghar and Raazia were not negligent of honouring father’s wife, yet they showed more love towards their aunt (mother’s sister).
They bought stockings for her, sometimes toys for her children and sometimes would run errands for her.
Till one day their father said “Why do you respect your aunt so much?”
Asghar replied “I heard that the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) said respecting aunt is like respecting mother. We do not have a mother to serve, so why not be fortunate enough to serve and respect our aunt?”
Their father was happy and encouraged them more.