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Story no. 66: Contentment in stationary.

Amir had used only one bag ever since he started school. He was very careful while writing; he used to leave little space between words and sentences and used both sides of a page. He also showed contentment in writing materials like pen, pencil and papers.
Imran, who was a classmate, said “Amir, I recieve a new bag every year, leave much space between words, and use only one side of a page. I have stationary and writing materials in vast quantity.”
Amir replied “If I want, I can also be like you, but we should not waste money because in one way, we will then be dependant on others for our needs. So it is better if we avoid being dependant, and try to conserve it for our country.
Other than that, have you not heard that Imam Ali (as) has said “Contentment is a river that never dries.