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Story no. 67: We saw European children.

Safir had gone to a country in Europe for further studies. To stay away from corruption over there, he married an Irani girl.
When he returned to Iran, they had two children, Ahmad and Zahra.
Ahmad was eight years old and Zahra six.
Safir first lived with his family in his parents’ house but then afterwards they shifted to their personal house.
Some of the other families were surprised on seeing this Europian family, and the main reason of their being surprised was the Islamic behaviours of the two children.

Ahmad said Salaam to anyone he met and thanked God if any one asked his welfare. Zahra started wearing a scarf from a very young age and they both prayed namaz regularly.
It wasn’t long before the two children were examples for the families, and they knew that although those children were raised in a foreign English land, due to the mindfulness of the parents their culture was still Islamic.