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Story no. 71:Generous help by the children.

Every Friday, the needy came at the doors of people, asking for money. Similarly, a beggar came to Aqa Abdullah’s house.
He asked for help.
Aqa Abdullah wanted to give him 2 tomans, but his daughter Ruqayya said “Father, I have 5 tomans from the weekly pocket money I get. If you allow I’ll give 2 tomans to him.
His other daughter, Rabab said “Father, I also have 4 tomans, would you allow me too?”
Their brother, Saqib said “Father I am also ready to give this needy person six tomans would you allow me to do so?
Their father allowed them to help the needy man and they helped him greatly.
Their parents thanked god for such generous and helping children and were pleased.