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Story no. 72: Simin and Amin’s quarrel.

In families, children often quarrel with each other and sulk away for some time.
In one family of 8, Simin and Amin had had a great quarrel and sulked away from each other, no matter how much the others tried to re-unite them.
Till Mustafa, their brother, decided to make peace between them.
He went to Simin and said “Simin! If only you knew how much Amin loves you! He said he’d love to see you open a clinic for ladies”.
He then went to Amin and said “Simin said she would love to see you finish university and grow older, and one day become a professor at the university”.
At last they were re-united.
Their sister, Fatima said “Mustafa, you did a great job, but you told a number of lies”.
Mustafa said “When we want to make peace between two people, it doesn’t matter how many lies we say”.