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Story no. 75: Disagreement of the children.

Kiya was very unhappy, because he had lost his father and his mother had re-married. The man, too, had lost his wife and had brought along with him his two children, Sadiq and Qasim.
The man and woman were both choiceless in the matters of their marriage, but the only cause of disagreement was the children. Kiya used to think that if he wouldn’t have lost his father, he wouldn’t have been caught in this situation, and Qasim and Sadiq thought that if their mother would not be dead, they wouldn’t have to go in another house, and meet a step brother. Their disagreement made their father and mother unhappy.
Till one day, Qasim, who was the oldest of the three, gathered the other boys and said “Although we were strangers yesterday, today we are of the same family. Kiya’s mother is our mother, and our father the father of all of us.So how good if we be kind to each other”.he finished.
After that, he went out and bought some ice cream and divided it between them.
Kiya, whenever went out, would bring sweets and whenever Sadiq returned from school he bought a pen for each one of them.