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Story no. 77: Writing on the walls.

Azad, who was a regular student, sometimes saw that children wrote on the walls with pens, pencils and markers.
He made up his mind to stop this . But he knew that he couldn’t go alone. So he gathered some students and went to the principal of the school. They said to him “It is not our job to take care of the school building. But if you allow, when the children are ready to enter the class, we will say that the school is like the house and to avoid from writing on walls”.
The next day, Azad with his friends , with the permission of the principal, got a microphone and said “the school is just like our home and we must not write on the walls of the school building and the classes”. After that, he said “writing on the walls is forbidden and we are not allowed to do so”. And this thing the children completely understood.