Jesus, Son of Mary (a.s.)

After appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.j.) and that of Dajjal, Prophet Jesus, son of Mary (a.s.) is to come down to help Imam Mahdi (a.j.) .Qadiani missionaries try to mislead the Muslim masses by quoting the traditions in which the reappearance of Prophet Jesus, son of Mary has been foretold.

They say that Prophet Jesus was a Nabi and still his reappearance is not against the belief of the Finality of the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad Al-Mustafa (S). Thus the Finality of Prophethood is also a fact, and in spite of that Finality the advent of the prophet Messiah is also a fact.

After that, they say that the promised Messiah does not refer to Prophet Jesus, son of Mary (a.s.) because he is already dead and the traditions which foretell the coming of the promised Messiah' refer to a 'likeness of Messiah'.

The third step is to claim that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was that 'Likeness of Jesus, son of Mary and therefore, the belief in his Prophethood is not contrary to the belief of the Finality of the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad Al-Mustafa (S).

It must be mentioned here that the Claim that Prophet Jesus (a.s.) is dead does not effect the common Muslim belief that he will come again before the end of the world to help Imam Mahdi (a.j.) Akheruz-zaman (a.s.); because even if we accept for the sake of argument that Prophet Jesus (a.s.) is dead, God is Powerful enough to make him alive second time and send him to help Imam Mahdi (a.j.) before the end of the world. As the question of life or death of Prophet Jesus (a.s.) has no material effect on the Muslim belief, I promised to leave this topic out from this small booklet.

Now, let us look at the other supposition of the Qadianis. It will be helpful to look at some traditions from the authentic Sunni books, which have bearing on this topic:

"Abu Huraira said that the Holy Prophet said: 'I swear by Allah in Whose hand is my soul, surely will come down to you the son of Mary, as a just ruler; then he will break the cross and kill the swine and will stop the war (or as in some other traditions, will revoke the Jaziya - the personal tax) and there will be so much wealth that nobody (be needy enough to) accept any charity and for the people, one Sajda (prostration) for Allah will be better than the whole world and its contents.

(Bukhari, Kitab Ahadithil-Anbiya, Babu Nuzule Isa bin Mariyam; Muslim Babu Nuzule Isa; Tirmizi, Abwabul-Fitan, Babu Nuzule Isa; Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, Marwiyyatu Abi Huraira).

It is better to explain the significance of breaking the cross, killing the swine and revoking the Jaziya.

As everybody knows the whole structure of Christianity is based upon the belief that God caused the death - a cursed death - on cross to His only son who became a 'Kaffara' (Atonement for the hereditary sin of mankind); and the peculiarity of Christianity among all the religions brought by the previous prophets is that they put the whole emphasis on faith and abrogated the law so much so that they started eating even the pork which was strictly forbidden in Torah.

When Prophet Jesus (a.s.) will come down and will announce that neither was he a son of God nor was he crucified on any cross nor was he made an atonement for anyone's sin, the whole structure of present day Christianity will be demolished. And likewise, when he would explain that he did never allow his followers to abrogate the Law and to eat the pork and treat the Shariah as abrogated, the second peculiarity of Christianity will come to an end.

Thus the words 'will break the cross and will kill the swine' denote the fact that the Christianity as a religion will be abolished; there will be no basis for its peculiar faith nor for its peculiar deeds and behavior. Likewise the words "he will revoke Jaziya mean that the differences of religions will come to an end; everybody will come within the pale of Islam; there will be no need for any war to defend Islam nor anybody will be liable to pay Jaziya. Thus, all these wordings point to the fact that the whole world will come within the circle of Islam.

Abu Huraira said that the Holy Prophet said:
"Qiyamah will not come until Jesus; son of Mary (a.s.) comes down". Then the same things have been mentioned as in the previous tradition (Bukhari Kitabul Malahim, Babu Kasrisalib; Ibnu Majah, Kitabul Fitan, Babu Khurujiddajjal).

"Abu Huraira said that the Holy Prophet said: 'What will be your condition when the son of Mary will come down to you and your Imam will be from amongst you'.
(Bukhari, Kitab Ahadithil Anbiya, Babu Nuzule Isa; Muslim Babu Nuzu1e Isa; Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal Marwiyyatu Abi Huraira).

This refers to the fact that Prophet Jesus (a.s.) will not lead in the prayer, but the Imam of the Muslims who will leading them will lead in the prayers, and Prophet Jesus will follow him.

"Abu Huraira said that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Jesus, son of Mary will come down then he will kill the swine, and will destroy the cross and the prayers will be joined for him, and he will distribute so much wealth that there will remain nobody in need of it, and he will revoke the revenue and rent, and will stay at Rauha (35 miles from Medina), and will do from there Hajj or Umra together. (The doubt is from the Rawi (narrator) who did not remember the exact wording of the Holy Prophet)'.
(Musnad Ahmad, Marwiyyatu Abi Huraira; Muslim, Kitabul Hajj, Babu Jawaz-tamattu fil-Hajje wal-Queran).

Abu Huraira said (after mentioning the appearance of Dajjal) that the Messenger of God said: 'Meanwhile when the Muslims will be making preparation to fight him and will be arranging their lines, and Iqama (establishment of Prayer) will have been recited for the prayer when Jesus, son of Mary will come down and will lead the Muslims in the prayers.

And the enemy of Allah, i.e., Dajjal, will start dissolving as the salt is dissolved in water; and if Jesus (a.s.) were to leave him as he was, he will dissolve by himself, but Allah will kill him on his (Jesus's) hand, and he will show the Muslims his blood in his spear.
(Mishkat, Babul Malahim, with reference to Muslim).

"Abu Huraira said that the Messenger of Allah said: 'There is no prophet between me and him, i.e. between Muhammad and Jesus (a.s.) and he is surely to come down. When you see him you will recognize him: he is a man of middle weight, of blond color between red and white, he will be wearing two robes of yellow color; and the hair of his head will look as though water will drop from it though it will not be wet, he will fight people for Islam, will shatter the cross, will kill the swine, will abolish the Jaziya, and Allah will remove all other religions in his time; he will kill Dajjal, and will remain alive for forty years; then he will die and Muslims will offer prayer over his Janaza (funeral).
(Abu Dawood, Kitabul-Malahim, Babu Khurujiddajjal; Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, Marwiyyatu Abi Huraira).

"Jabir bin Abdullah said that I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: 'then will come down Jesus, son of Mary: the Imam of the Muslims will request him to come forward and lead the prayers, but he will say, No, you are the Leaders of one another, because of the honor given by Allah to this Ummah".
(Muslim Bayanu Nuzule Isa bin Mariyam, Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, Marwiyyatu Jabir bin Abdullah).

"Jabir bin Abdullah said that Umar bin Khattab requested the Messenger of Allah to allow him to kill him (Ibn' Sayyad). But the Messenger of Allah replied that if this is he (i.e. Dajjal) then you are not the one to kill him; he will be killed by Jesus son of Mary only and if he is not that man then you have no right to kill a person who is protected by us.
(Mishkat, Kitabul-Fitan, Babu Qissati ibn Sayyi'd, with reference of Sharhus-sunnah Imam Baghawi).

Jabir bin Abdullah said that the Messenger of Allah said that then all of a sudden Jesus, son of Mary will come among the Muslims and prayer will be arranged and he will be told, "O Spirit of Allah, come forward". But he will say, "No, your Imam should lead you in the prayers." Then after the morning prayer Muslims will come out to fight Dajjal.

When that liar will see Prophet Jesus (a.s.) he will start dissolving as salt dissolves in water. Then Prophet Jesus will advance towards him and kill him; and at that time even the tree and stone will start calling him, "O Spirit of Allah, this, Jew is hiding behind me". Thus there will be none among the followers of Dajjal but he (Jesus a.s.), will kill him".(Musnad Ahmad, Marwiyyatu Jabir bin Abdullah).

Nawwas bin Sam'an Kilabi says (in the story of Dajjal) that at the time (when Dajjal will be doing his mischief) Allah will send Messiah, son of Mary; and he will come down on the eastern side of Damascus, near the white minaret, wearing two clothes of yellow color, keeping his hands on the arms of two angels; when he will bow down his head, it will seem as though the drops are dropping from his head, when he will raise his head the drops will drop like pearls; whenever his breath will reach to an unbeliever (and that will reach to the furthest limit of his eye sight) that unbeliever will die at once, then the son of Mary will chase Dajjal and will catch him at the gate of Ludd (present day's Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel, there is an Air Force base of Israel nowadays) and will kill him.

(Muslim, Dhikruddajjal; Abu Dawood, Kitab ul-Malahim, Babu Khurujid Dajjal; Tirmizi, Abwa bul-Fitan, Babu Fitnatid Dajjal; Ibnu Majah, Kitab ul-Fitan, Babu Fitnatiddajjal).

Abu Amama Bahili narrates (in a long tradition about Dajjal) that while their (Muslims) Imam would have come forward to lead the morning prayer, Jesus, son of Mary, will come down among them and the Imam will retreat to get Jesus forward but Jesus will put his hand between his shoulders and will say, "No, you should lead the prayer because it has been established for you". So he will lead the prayer. After finishing the prayer, Prophet, Jesus (a.s.) will say, "Open the door". The door will be opened.

On the outside, Dajjal with seventy thousand well-armed Jews will be present to fight them. 'When Prophet Jesus (a.s.) will look at him, he will start dissolving as salt dissolves in water; and he will flee. Prophet Jesus (a.s.) will say "I have for thee an attack which thou canst escape". Then he will catch him at the eastern gate of Ludd (Lod); Allah will defeat the Jews; the face of Earth will be full of the Muslims, as a water-pot is filled with water. The whole world will recite the Kalemah and none will be worshipped but Allah".

The same events are narrated in other numerous traditions in Musnad Ahmad, Tabarani, Hakimi and everywhere the words used are 'Jesus son of Mary will come down'. And anybody who will read the traditions will see that there is no hint of any 'promised Messiah', 'likeness of Messiah', or 'appearance of Messiah'. And there is no chance for anybody, being born 1810 years after Jesus, son of Mary, from the womb of his mother and loin of his father to claim that he was Jesus son of Mary.