Other Signs

After the appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.j.) , Qiyamah (The Day of Judgment) will come very soon. The Holy Prophet (S) has said that ten signs will appear before Qiyamah.

Hudhaifa bin Usaid al-Ghifari said that once the Holy Prophet (S) came to us and we were talking. He asked us what we were talking about. They said: "We are talking about Qiyamah". The Holy Prophet (S) said: "Verily, it will not stand (it will not come) until you see ten signs before it. Then the (Holy Prophet (S) described (1) The Smoke; (2) and Dajjal; (3) and Dabbat’ul-Ardh; (4) and Rising of the Sun from its setting place; (5) and Coming Down of Jesus, son of Mary; (6) and Gog and Magog; (7) and three Land-slides, one in the east; (8) and another in the West; (9) and one in the Arabian Peninsula; (10) and the last of these signs will be a Fire which will appear from Yemen and will turn the people towards their Mahshar (the gathering place in the Qiyamah)".

Many of these signs are mentioned in the Qur'an:·

1. Smoke: "So await the day when the sky shall give out a smoke, clearly visible enveloping the people: This will be painful chastisement". (Qur'an,' 44: 10-11)

2. Dabbat’ul-Ardh: "And when the word shall come to pass on them We shall bring forth unto them a walking one from the earth who shall speak unto them that the people believed not in our signs". (27:82)

That Dabbat’ul-Ardh is reported to be 'slapping the Satan' (Tabarani: Mu'jam-ul·Kabir), and branding the people on their noses (Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal from Abu Amama). That branding will be to differentiate between believers and unbelievers (Traditions of the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).
3. Gog and Magog: "Until are let loose the Gog and Magog and they shall hasten forth from every elevation, and the True promise (of Qiyamah) shall draw nigh" (21: 96-97).

4. Rising of Sun from West and Dajjal are included in this verse: "On the day when come some of the signs of thy Lord, its faith shall profit not a soul which believed not before or earned not good through its faith; say 'Wait you; verily we too are waiting'." (6:159).

Abu Huraira said that the Holy Prophet said: "Qiyamah will not come till appear impostors Dajjals nearly 30 in number, every one of them pretending to be messenger of God and till the Sun rises from its present place of setting (West); Thus, when the people will see it, all of them will accept the true faith, and that will be the time when will not benefit any soul its faith which had not believed from before that time or which had not earned good in its belief". (Jame'ul Fawaid).

2nd Tradition:
"There are three signs when they appear, its faith shall profit not a soul which believed not before or earned not good through its faith: Rising of the Sun from its setting place, and Dajjal, and Dabbat’ul-Ardh".

In presence of such clear prophecies which surely have not appeared yet, the pathetic attempts of the Qadianis to twist them, misinterpret them, discredit them, reject them, or in any way to make them mean what they do mean, is really very amusing.

They believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was the Imam Mahdi; but not a single Signs amongst these ten signs has appeared yet. The Qadianis have not tried to fit the Signs of Smoke, three land-slides and the Fire of Yemen on some incidents so far. But they pathetically try to twist the meanings of all other signs.


For example they say that Dabbat’ul-Ardh (The Walker of the Earth) means 'evil religious scholars of the Muslims' who rejected Mirza Qadianis claim. Perhaps they did not know that Dabbat’ul-Ardh will be a Judge to brand every unbeliever and he also will slap Satan. If the Muslim scholars who branded Mirza Qadiani as kafir (unbeliever) are that 'Walker on the Earth", then Mirza Qadiani was either an unbeliever or the Satan!

Sunrise from West

Qadianis say: The sign of Imam Mahdi (a.j.) that the sun will rise from the West, does not mean that this sun of our world will rise from West instead of East. It means that the light of Islam will reach the West.

Facts: The tradition says that the sun will rise from west; while this interpretation means that the sun will reach to west. This interpretation would have been correct if the tradition would have said that the sun would reach the west.

Moreover, the, full tradition shows that this will be the last of the signs before the Day of Qiyamah, and that after its appearance, conversion by non-Muslims to Islam would be of no use. So naturally this sign cannot mean the "spread of Islam", as the 'Qadianis pretend.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Qadianis say: The sign of the solar and lunar eclipses in the month of Ramadan were fulfilled in the year 1894 AD. (See Safina e-Nuh).

Facts: The tradition mentioned is this:
"There will be lunar eclipse on the first night of Ramadan and solar eclipse in the middle of the month."

This sign will be an extraordinary sign from God; because moon eclipse always occurs between 13th and 15th nights of the lunar month (but the tradition says that it will occur on the first night), and solar eclipse always occurs at the end of the lunar month, i.e., 28th to 30th days of the lunar month, when moon is not visible (but the tradition says that it will be eclipsed on 15th day of Ramadan, when the moon is fully visible).

Now what was the fact of the eclipses of 1894? The sun eclipsed as usual on the 28th Ramadan, not on the 15th Ramadan (as the tradition says) and the moon eclipse was, as usual, on the 13th night of Ramadan, and not on the first night as the tradition says.
See Zamima-e-Anjame-Atham pages 46-48, which was written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani himself.

If the Qadianis want to believe that 1=13 and 15=28, they are welcome to it. By the way; if '1' can be equal to 13, why can't it be equal to '3', as the believers in 3-in-l say?

Late Molwi Sayyid Barkat Ali, Gosha Nashin, of Wazirabad (India) writes in his book False Prophet of Qadian" (p.135):

"Another point should be noted in connection with this. These eclipses should have taken place before, and not after the advent of the Mahdi. The occurrence of the solar and the lunar eclipses is not an uncommon phenomenon even in the month of Ramadan. Such eclipses have taken place many times even before this.
"Many books as Ghayat.ul-Maqsoud; Ibne· Khallekan, Asl-i-Musaffa, Hidayah Mahdi, Hadith ul-Ghashiah, Mahdi (a.j.) Nama, Tarikh-i-Ahmad and the like, show that in the following Hijri years the solar and the lunar eclipses took place in one and the same month:

62, 63, 85, 92, 107; 108, 132, 152, 241, 242,
285, 286, 308, 508, 509, 531, 553, 554, 687,
688, 731, 732, 776, 911, 954, 959, 1088, 1133,
1134, 1200, 1210, 1222, 1223, 1267, 1312.

"The Mirza proclaimed his so-called divine mission in Hijri 1308, but the solar and the lunar eclipses took place in the month of Ramadan in 1311. These eclipses cannot help the Mirza".