The Revolution breaks out

On Tuesday night, 12th Rabi al-Awwal, namely two days before the revolution, on the way to Mukhtar's house, Ibraheem al-Ashtar and some of his friends came across a patrol. The commander of the patrol said:

Who are you?

Ibraheem replied:

I'm Ibraheem al-Ashtar

The commander of the patrol said:

Who are those with you? Have you permission to go out at night?


We must arrest you!

Ibraheem al-Ashtar was forced to attack the Commander. He killed him. The rest of the patrol ran away.

Ibraheem al-Ashtar and his friends hurried to Mukhtar . They told him about the incident. Ibraheem al-Ashtar said to Mukhtar :

You must announce the revolution at once!

Mukhtar said:

What has happened?

I have killed the Commander of the patrol. It's important to announce the revolution at once.

Mukhtar became cheerful and said:

May Allah make you happy! This is the beginning of the conquest!