The Rumours

Imam Husayn's killers rumoured that Mukhtar 's army was defeated. They also rumoured that Yazeed bin Anas was killed in the battle.

So, Mukhtar formed an army of seven thousand fighters. He ordered Ibraheem al-Ashtar, a brave leader, to head the army.

The army left Kufa. Mukhtar 's enemies took advantage of the situation. They plotted against Mukhtar 's government.

The rebels besieged the Prince's palace. In spite of the intense siege, Mukhtar sent a horseman to Ibraheem al-Ashtar. The horseman told him to come back.

After three days' siege, the rebels were astonished to see the army coming back. The army could end the mutiny quickly. It arrested some plotters. And some could escape.

The army executed Harmala bin Kahil, who killed Imam Husayn's baby. It arrested and executed Sanan bin Anas, who took part in Imam Husayn's killing. And it executed Amr bin Saad, who led the Umayyad Army during the Karbala massacre.

Shibth bin Riby escaped to Basrah. Shimr bin Thil Jawshan also escaped. The army chased him. It found him at a village in Wasit and executed him. Al-Shimr himself beheaded Imam Husayn. He took his head to Kufa and Damascus.