Story 13: A Man Who Sought Guidance And Advice

Once a bedouin arrived in Madinah and came to the Holy Prophet (S), seeking guidance and advice from him (S).

The Holy Prophet (S) advised him by saying, “Do not lose your temper.”, and said nothing more than this.

The man returned to his tribe. When he reached among his people, he noticed that an important incident had taken place in his absence. A few young men of his tribe had committed theft and stolen belongings of another tribe, and the other tribe had retaliated. The situation had gradually reached such a climax that each tribe had formed a row of soldiers against the other and were about to wage war. Hearing this dramatic news, his anger was provoked.

Immediately he sought his armour, and equipped himself with it. Just as he was about to join his tribe, he suddenly recalled what he had seen and heard in Madinah. He remembered he had sought an advice from the Messenger of Allah (S) and his Eminence said to him, “Do not lose your temper.”

He soon went into deep thought. “Why did I become so agitated? For what reason did I equip myself with armour and prepare for battle? Why did I become so furious without reason?”

He thought the time had come to make use of those brief words of advice. He came forward and addressed the leaders of the opposite side, “What is this war for? If the problem is due to the transgression which our ignorant young men have committed, I am ready to compensate you from my personal wealth. There is no reason to jeopardize our lives and shed blood for nothing.”

When the opposite side heard the reasonable and magnanimous proposition from this man, their generosity and zeal was aroused and they said in reply, “We are in no way inferior to you. Now that it is so, we will also forego our demands.” Consequently, both parties retreated to their tribes.1

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