Story 14: The Christian And Ali’s (‘A) Armour

At the time of the Caliphate of Imam Ali (‘a) in Kufah, the Imam (‘a) lost his cuirass (armour) which was later found with a Christian.

Imam Ali (‘a) took him to court, and lodged a complaint against him. “This cuirass is mine; I neither sold it nor did I gift it to anyone. Now I have found it with this man.”

The Judge asked the Christian, “The Caliph has laid his claim, so what is your reply?”

He answered, “This is my own cuirass, however I do not object to the Caliph’s claim. It is possible that the Caliph might be mistaken.”

The judge turned towards Ali (‘a) and said, “You are the plaintiff and this man is denying your claim. Accordingly, it is on you to present a witness on your behalf.”

Ali (‘a) began laughing and said, “The judge is right. I should present a witness, but I have none.”

Since the plaintiff had no witness, the judge passed a sentence in favour of the Christian. Thus, he took the cuirass and set off on his way.

After taking a few steps, the Christian realized the cuirass did not belong to him and to whom it really belonged. Conscience stricken, he returned and said, “Such a manner of rule and conduct is not of an ordinary human being. Rather it is the governance of Prophets. He confirmed that the cuirass belonged to Ali (‘a). It was not long before he was seen with firm belief and as a Muslim fighting in the battle of Nahrawan under the banner of Imam Ali (‘a).1

  • 1. Al-Imam Ali, The Voice Of Justice And Humanity, p. 63.