Story 26: In The Land Of Mina

The pilgrims who had gone for Hajj assembled in the land of Mina. Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a) and his companions were resting for a while, eating some grapes which were before them. A beggar appeared and asked for aid. The Imam (‘a) picked up a few grapes and offered it to him. The beggar refused and said, “Give me money!”

The Imam (‘a) said, “Excuse me. I do not have any money.” The beggar was disappointed and left. After taking a few steps, the beggar regretted his decision and asked him for the grapes.

The Imam (‘a) replied, “I’m sorry.”, and he (‘a) did not give him any grapes.

Shortly thereafter another beggar appeared, asking for aid. The Imam (‘a) took a cluster of grapes and offered it to him. The beggar accepted it and said, “Praise be to the Lord of the all the Worlds, who granted me sustenance.” The Imam (‘a), on hearing these words, asked him to wait and gave him two handful of grapes. The beggar praised Allah a second time. The Imam (‘a) again told him, “Wait. Do not leave.”

Then he (‘a) turned towards one of his companions and asked him, “How much money do you have with you?” The man searched his pockets and found about 20 Dirhams. He gave it to the beggar by order of the Imam (‘a). For the third time the beggar thanked Allah and said, “Praise is due only to Allah. O Allah, thou art the Bestower of bounties and there is no partner for thee.”

The Imam (‘a), after hearing these words, took off his garment and gave it to the beggar. This time the beggar switched and uttered some thankful words to the Imam (‘a), but the Imam (‘a) did not give him anything more, and the beggar left.

His companions said, “We concluded that if the beggar had continued thanking and praising Allah in the same way as before, the Imam (‘a) would have assisted him more, but since he had started thanking and praising the Imam (‘a) himself, the help was stopped and granted no more.1

  • 1. Bihar ul-Anwar, v, 11, p. 116. (Attitudes of Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a)).