Story 27: The Weight-Lifters

A few young Muslim men were busy competing in weight-lifting. There was a heavy rock in that area and being able to move it, was considered a gauge of a person’s strength and manhood. Meanwhile the Holy Prophet (S) passed by and asked, “What are you doing?”

They replied, “We are competing to see which of us is strongest.”

The Holy Prophet (S) said, “Do you want me to pick the strongest among you?”

The youths said, “Of course! What would be better than the Messenger of Allah (S) being the judge of our competition and awarding the prize of honour?”

The onlookers and members of the assembly were anxiously waiting to see whom the Messenger of Allah (S) would choose. The participants began imagining the Messenger of Allah (S) would take their hand and introduce them as champion.

The Holy Prophet (S) said, “The strongest of all is the one who, if something pleases him, or he becomes attached to it, this attachment will not deviate him from carrying out justice and humanity, nor pollute him with vices; and the one who, if he becomes annoyed and a wave of rage overcomes his soul, he will maintain self-control and never utter anything but the truth, nor would he say a lie or insult others; and the one who, if he gains power and influence, and all obstacles are removed from before him, he will not go beyond the measures to which he is obligated.”1

  • 1. Wasa’il, v. 2, p. 469.