Story 32: In Umm Salamah’s Home

One night, the Holy Prophet (S) stayed at Umm Salamah’s home. It was midnight. Umm Salamah woke up and noticed that the Holy Prophet (S) was not in his bed. She was worried about what had happened to him. Her instinctive jealousy made her investigate. She got up and began to search for the Prophet (S).

She found the Holy Prophet (S) standing in a dark corner, raising his hands towards the sky, shedding tears and saying, “My Allah! The blessings that you have granted me, do not take them from me. My God, do not let the enemy and the envious accuse me. My Lord, do not let me return to evils from which you have saved me! My Allah, do not leave me alone for as much as the twinkling of an eye.”

Hearing these words spoken in such a state made Umm Salamah shudder. She went and sat in a corner and started crying. Her cries were so bitter and loud that the Holy Prophet (S) came over and asked her, “Why are you crying?”

She said, “Why should I not cry? You, who have such a high rank and position with Allah, are afraid of Him to such an extent that you ask Him not to leave you alone for a single moment! So, woe to me and others like me!”

The Holy Prophet (S) said, “How could I be certain and not fear my own fate? Yunus, the prophet, was awarded a moment of his life for himself and what might befall him.”1

  • 1. Bihar, v. 6 (Chapter: His ethical virtues, conduct and tradition).