Story 39: A Dreadful Dream

The dream he had, plunged him deep into fear. Every moment, terrifying interpretations appeared in his mind. Worried, he came to see Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a) and said, “Last night I had a dream. It seemed to be a wooden ghost, or perhaps a wooden man mounted on a wooden horse, holding a sword in his hand and waving it in the air. This terrible dream made me extremely frightened, and I would like you to interpret the meaning of my dream.”

The Imam (‘a) said in reply, “There is an honest person who possesses property, and you, by some means or another, want to extort it from him. Fear Allah who has created you and shall make you die! Fear Him and give up your evil decision!”

“You are truly a learned man and you are the one who has extracted knowledge from its source. I admit that I had such an intention in my mind. One of my neighbours owns a farm. He is in need of money and has decided to sell it. Presently he has no other buyer except me. Since a few days now, I have been planning to snatch this farm from him for a very cheap price, taking advantage of his need of money.”1

  • 1. Wasa’il, v. 2, p. 582.