Story 4: Tying The Knees Of The Camel

The caravan having travelled for hours, weariness overcame both the riders and animals. As soon as they reached an oasis where there was water, they had their camels kneel down. The Holy Prophet (S) accompanying the caravan, made his camel kneel down and dismounted from it. All were rushing to the water to prepare for the preliminaries of prayer. Dismounting from his camel, the Holy Prophet (S) also made his way towards the water.

After covering a certain distance, without speaking to anyone, he (S) returned to his camel. Surprised, his companions thought he (S) was not pleased with the place and would order them to set out again. Lending their ears to him, in full attention, they awaited his order. The companions were astonished when they saw the Holy Prophet (S) reach up to his camel, pick up a rope and bind its knees. He (S) then returned towards his original destination. Exclamations arose among the companions, “O Messenger of Allah! Why did you not command us to do that for you. Why did you trouble yourself while we would all be proud to be at your service?”

The Holy Prophet (S) replied, “Do not ever ask for help from others for your own affairs and do not count upon others even if it would be for a tooth-pick.”1

  • 1. Kuhl Al-Basar Fi Sirat Sayyid Al-Bashar, Muhaddith al-Qummi, p. 69.