Story 5: A Companion Of Hajj (Pilgrimage)

On returning from the journey of Hajj, a man related his and his companions’ experiences to Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a). He was stirred by and admired them, particularly one of his fellow travelers. “How noble he was. We were proud to accompany such an honourable man. He was praying continuously. No sooner did we stop at a place, then he would immediately part from us, seek a corner, spread his prayer mat, and engage himself in prayer and worship.”

The Imam (‘a) asked, “Then who was looking after his affairs? Who was tending to his animal?”

He replied, “Of course, we were. We had the honour to be at his service. He had nothing to worry about. He would engage himself in his devotional affairs.”

The Imam (‘a) replied, “Then all of you were better than him.”1

  • 1. Kuhl Al-Basar Fi Sirat Sayyid Al-Bashar, Muhaddith al-Qummi, p. 69.