Story 54: The Young Man Full Of Certainty

The Holy Prophet (S) was performing his morning prayer in the Mosque with the public. The day became bright and it became easy to recognize the faces of the people present. Suddenly, the Holy Prophet's (S) eyes were fixed on a young man who seemed distressed. His head was swinging to and from over his shoulders, and he was continually moving from one side to the other. The Prophet (S) glanced at his face, and saw it turning pale. His eyes were sunk into its sockets, and his limbs had become thin.

The Prophet (S) asked, “In what condition are you?”

“I am in the condition of certainty, O Messenger of Allah!”

“Every certainty has signs which prove their authenticity. What are the signs of your certainty?”

“Mine is nothing but the sign which has made me double over with pain, and has taken away the sleep from my eyes, and completes the days with thirst. I have turned my back from all aspects of this worldly life and have headed towards the hereafter, as if I see the Divine Throne on the Day of Judgment, and I view the people in Heaven in a blessed state, as well as the people in Hell in severe chastisement. It is as if the sound of the flames of Hell is ringing in my ears at this very moment.”

The Holy Prophet (S) turned his face towards the others and said, “He is a servant of God whose heart has been illuminated by the light of belief.”

Then he (S) turned towards the young man and said, “Preserve this good state for yourself.”

The young man asked, “O Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah that He may grant me martyrdom in the Holy War.”

So, the Holy Prophet (S) prayed for him. It was not long before a Holy War took place and the young man participated in it. The tenth person martyred in that war was none other than that young man.1

  • 1. Al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 53 (Chapter: Haqiqat ul-Iman wa al-Yaqin).