Story 56: The Worker And The Sun

Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a), dressed in a coarse working garment with a spade in his hand, was busy labouring in his orchard. He had been working so hard that sweat covered his entire body, from head to foot.

Abu Amr Shaybani passed by and saw the Imam (‘a) in a state of fatigue and pain. He thought, “If he has taken a spade and is doing hard labour alone, perhaps he may not have found anyone else to do it, and has been obliged to do the work himself.”

He asked the Imam (‘a), “Give me the spade so that I can do the work for you.”

The Imam (‘a) replied, “No, I truly appreciate the person who endeavors to toil and suffer in the sun to gain his own sustenance.”1

  • 1. Bihar ul-Anwar, v. 11, p. 120.