Story 57: The New Neighbour

A man from the Ansars (Helpers of the Prophet Muhammad) bought a new house in a neighbourhood of Madinah and moved into it. He discovered that he had a problematic neighbour.

He came to the Holy Prophet (S) and said, “I have purchased a house in such and such a quarter, among such and such a tribe, and moved into it. Unfortunately, my nearest neighbour is a useless person. Not only that, he is also ill-mannered towards me. I am not safe around him; and I am not sure what danger he may bring to us.”

The Holy Prophet (S) entrusted four persons, namely Ali (‘a), Salman, Abu Dharr, and another named Miqdad. He (S) conveyed loudly the following message to the men and women in the Mosque, “The one whose neighbours fear his persecution has no faith.” This announcement was repeated three times.

Then the Holy Prophet (S) pointed in four directions with his hand and said, “From each side of your house you are surrounded by up to forty houses. One should count them as neighbours.”1

  • 1. Al-Kafi , v. 2, p. 666. (Chapter: Haqq al-Javar).