Story 58: The Last Words

As soon as Umm Hamideh, the mother of Imam Kazim (‘a), saw Abu Basir, who had come to express his condolences to her on the demise of her eminent husband, Imam Al-Sadiq (‘a), her tears began trickling down her face. Abu Basir also wept for some time. When she stopped weeping, she said to Abu Basir, “You were not present at the time of the Imam’s (‘a) death. A strange event occurred.”

Abu Basir asked, “What was it?”

She replied, “It was during the last moments of the Imam’s (‘a) life, as he was taking his last breaths, his eyes were closed. Then suddenly, the Imam (‘a) opened his eyes and said, “Call all of my family members to come near me now! It was surprising that the Imam (‘a) had issued such an order at this crucial time, and we tried our utmost to gather all of them together.

No one remained of the Imam’s (‘a) family members and relatives, but all were present. All of us were waiting to see what the Imam (‘a) would say or do in this critical moment. When the Imam (‘a) saw them present and ready, he addressed the assembly and said, ‘Our intercession will not avail those who take prayer lightly.’ ”1

  • 1. Bihar ul-Anwar, v. 11 , p. 105.