Story 6: Having A Meal Together

As soon as the Holy Prophet (S) and his companions alighted from their mounts and untied their luggage, they decided to slaughter a sheep and prepare a meal.

One of the Companions said, “I will slaughter the sheep.”

The second one said, “I will skin it.”

The third one said, “I will cook it.”

The fourth ........etc.

The Holy Prophet (S) said, “I will go to the desert to gather firewood.”

The Companions said, “O Messenger of Allah! Take no pains! Please be seated and rest! Let it be our honour to serve you!”

The Holy Prophet (S) said, “I know you would do that, but Allah hates to see his servant enjoy a state of privilege among his friends and companions and distinguish between himself and the others.”1

He (S) then proceeded to the desert and fetched the firewood.2

  • 1. انَّ الله يكره من عبده انَّ يراه متميزا بين اصحابه
  • 2. Kuhl Al-Basar Fi Sirat Sayyid Al-Bashar, Muhaddith al-Qummi, p. 68