Story 62: Liquor At The Dinner Table

Once Mansur Dawaniqi summoned Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (‘a), under different pretexts, from Madinah to Iraq in order to keep a closer eye on him (‘a). He prevented the Imam from returning to Hijaz for quite a long period of time.

On one of these occasions, when the Imam (‘a) was in Iraq, one of the army commanders of Mansur had his son circumcised. He invited a great number of people for the occasion and hosted an elaborate banquet.

All the nobles and prominent members of society were present. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (‘a) was also invited to the banquet. The dinner table was laid. The guests sat down at the table and began eating.

Meanwhile one of the guests asked for water. Instead of water, a glass of liquor was handed to him. Immediately, the Imam (‘a) rose from his place while eating and left the banquet. They tried to bring the Imam (‘a) back, but he (‘a) refused to return.

He cited that the Holy Prophet (S) had said, “Whoever sits at a table where liquor is served, the curse of Allah shall descend upon him.”1

  • 1. Bihar ul-Anwar, v. 21, p. 115.