Story 8: A Muslim And A Man (People Of The Book)

In those days, the city of Kufah was the center of Islamic government. Throughout the entire territory of the vast Muslim nation, with the exception of Syria, all eyes were on that city, waiting to receive the latest orders and for vital decisions to be made.

On the road to the city, two men, a Muslim and a ‘man of the Book’ (i.e., Jew, Christian or Zoroastrian) met each other. They each inquired of their companion’s destination respectively, and it became evident that the Muslim was going to Kufah and the other man was going to another nearby place.

They proceeded cordially, conversing about various topics. When they arrived at the bifurcation of the road, the non-Muslim was surprised to see that his Muslim companion did not take the road to Kufah, but instead he accompanied him.

He asked, “Did you not say you were going to Kufah?”


“Then why are you coming this way? The road to Kufah is that one!”

“I know, but I would like to accompany you for a few steps. Our Prophet (S) said, “When two people are travelling together on the same path, they acquire rights over each other. Now you have a right over me, thus I want to accompany you a few steps and then I shall surely be on my way.”

“Oh! It is certainly due to his noble ethics that your Prophet gained such influence and power among people, and that his belief has spread so quickly all over the world.”

The amazement and admiration of that non-Muslim rose to even greater heights when he discovered that his Muslim companion was none other than the Caliph of the time, Ali ibn Abi Talib (‘a). He soon embraced Islam and was counted among the most devout and faithful companions of Imam Ali (‘a).1

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