Story 101: Judge’s Guest

A man, as an ordinary guest, came to Imam 'Ali's ('a) house. He was his holiness' guest for several days, but not ordinary invited, having something in his heart that he had not divulged it at first.

As a matter of fact, this man had a dispute with someone else, waiting for the person to come in the presence of Imam 'Ali ('a) so that he can take an action against him. One day he unveiled the case and raised the petition.

'Ali ('a) asked: "Then, for the time being, you are a petitioner. Aren't you?"

The man said in reply: "Yes, O leader of the believers."

The Imam ('a) said: "I beg your pardon! From today onwards, I cannot welcome you at my home as a guest. Because the Holy Prophet (S) says: "When a complaint is lodged before a judge, the judge has no right to invite one of the two belligerents, unless both adversaries were present at invitation."1

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