Story 104: S’ad’s Message

The tumultuous and painful experience of Uhud came to an end. Although the Muslims, by a heavy attack and generous combat, had made the group of pagan braves of Quraysh crumble and be compelled to take flight, it did not take a long time that the negligence and desistance of a certain number of Muslim soldiers caused the situation to be overturned, the Muslims were subjected to a sudden attack, and a great number of Muslims got killed.

If it had not been the Holy Prophet’s (S) personal resistance as well as a few others, the Muslims would have entirely been defeated. But in the end, they managed to assemble their forces and check the final defeat.

The cause which made the Muslims lose their morals was the false rumour spread about the Holy Prophet's (S) martyrdom. This rumour weakened the moral of Muslim soldiers and encouraged the Qurayshite pagans in return. But as soon as the Qurayshites came to understand that the rumour was false and the Holy Prophet (S) was still alive, they were satisfied with the acquired victory and set out for Makkah.

Among the Muslims, a certain number were killed; a certain injured, strewed the ground, and a large number of them terrified, scattered here and there. A small group were left around the Holy Prophet (S). The injured fallen on the ground as well as those who were dispersed, or taken flight, knew nothing of the result of the event, nor did they know whether the Holy Prophet (S) was alive or not?

In the meantime, one of the Muslims in flight passed by one of the injured named S'ad Ibn Rabia' who had received twelve wounds. He told him: "As I have heard, the Holy Prophet (S) has been killed!"

S'ad said in reply: "But God of Muhammad (S) is alive and never dies. Why are you waiting and not defending your religion? Our duty was not only to defend the personality of Muhammad, if he was killed, the case would come to an end, but it was also the question of defending our religion, Islam, which will subsist forever."

From the other side, the Holy Prophet (S) mentioned the names of his Companions one by one so as to know who was alive and who was dead, who was injured and curable and who was not. He (S) asked: "who is voluntary to bring me an exact news from S'ad Ibn Rabi'a?"

One of Ansar (Helpers) said: "I am ready to do so."

The man (Ansar) went and found S’ad among the corpse of the martyred ones, but he had the last breath of life. He told him: "The Holy Prophet (S) sent me to enquire about you and to see whether you are alive or not?"

S'ad said: “Give my "Salam" regards to the Holy Prophet (S) and inform him that S'ad counts among the dead, for he has only a few moments of his life left and he is breathing his last. Tell him (S) from my side: May Allah bestow upon you the best rewards deserving of a Prophet.”

Then he added: "Convey the following message to Ansar (Helpers) and also to the Holy Prophet's (S) Companions. Inform them that S'ad said: You do not have any pretext near Allah if your Prophet (S) meets with misfortunes, while you are still alive."

No sooner had the man of Ansar taken a few steps far from S'ad Ibn Rabi'a, then S'ad took his last breath and passed away.1

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