Story 105: The Granted Prayer

"O my Allah! Do not make me return among my family." Hind, wife of 'Amr Ibn al-Jamuh, heard this sentence from her husband when he equipped himself with armour and was about to set out for participating in the battle of Uhud.

This was the first time that 'Amr Ibn al-Jamuh took part in the Holy War "jihad" with the other Muslims. Since he was lame - limping very badly - he had not participated in the Holy War before.

According to the explicit text of the Holy Qur'an, jihad is not incumbent upon the blind, lame and the sick persons. Although he did not take part personally in the Holy War, his four lion-hearted sons were always present in attendance of the Holy Prophet (S). Therefore, no one had the opinion and expectance that 'Amr, religiously exempted from war, particularly sending his four brave sons to war, would take the arms and join the soldiers.

As 'Amr's relatives became aware of his decision, they came to hold him back, saying: "Firstly, you are exempted according to the religious law; secondly you have four sons, brave soldiers who always move along with the Holy Prophet (S). Therefore, it is not essential that you also attend the combat!"

He said in reply: "Since my sons aspire to the eternal prosperity and perpetual paradise, I do desire the same. It is strange that they go and access to the honour of being martyred whereas I am sitting home beside you. It is absolutely impossible!"

But his relatives did not leave him alone and came one after another, now and then, to visit him so as to dissuade him from his decision.

'Amr, to get rid of them, called in the Holy Prophet (S) himself: "O Messenger of Allah! My family members like to imprison me at home and prevent me from participating in the Holy War in the way of Allah. I swear by Allah, I am desirous of entering paradise with this lame foot."

"O 'Amr! You have a legal excuse. Allah exempted you. Jihad is not incumbent on you."

"O Messenger of Allah! I know it very well; however, it is not incumbent on me, still...."

The Holy Prophet (S) said: "Do not oppose him. Let him go, he aspires to the martyrdom. May Allah grant it to him."

Among the most touching scenes of Uhud was the spectacle of 'Amr's fighting. He, with his lame foot, made an attack in the midst of the enemy and shouted: 1 am desirous of paradise." One of his sons was backing him and both of them fought so eagerly that they were martyred.

After the war ended, many women of Madinah went out of the city to be informed closely of the events, particularly because of the startling news reached Madinah. 'A'ishah, the Holy Prophet's wife was among them. When she went a little bit away from the city, she saw Hind, 'Amr Ibn Jamuh's wife who had loaded a camel with three dead bodies drawing the bridle of the camel towards Madinah.

A’ishah asked her: "What is the news?"

“All praise belongs to Allah! The Holy Prophet (S) is alive. Since he (S) is safe and sound, there is no pain for us. The other news, Allah threw back the infidels with their rage...."

"Whose dead bodies are these?"

“These are of my brother, my son and my husband.”

"Where are you carrying them to?"

"I am carrying them to Madinah to bury them."

Saying these words. Hind drew the bridle of the camel towards Madinah but the camel followed her quite painfully and finally lay down.

A’ishah said: “The load of camel is heavy. It cannot pull it.”

Hind replied: "It is not so, this camel is extremely strong. Usually it is transporting the burden of two camels easily. There must be another reason."

Once again she made the camel move, but as she wanted to ride the camel towards Madinah, it knelt down again. However, when she turned the camel towards Uhud, it started to speed up. It was a strange situation in Hind's eyes. The animal is not ready to go towards Madinah, but ready to return towards Uhud. She thought there might be a secret behind that.

Drawing the camel's bridle and the bodies carried on the camel, Hind came back to Uhud, went in the presence of the Holy Prophet (S) and said: "O Messenger of Allah. It is a strange event which I saw. I had loaded the camel with these dead bodies in order to carry them to Madinah and bury them, but when I wanted to ride it towards Madinah, the camel did not obey me, while I turned its way towards Uhud, it followed me tractably. Why?"

The Holy Prophet (S) said: "Did your husband say anything while leaving for Uhud?"

"O Messenger of Allah! After he had made his own way towards Uhud, I heard these words from him: "O my Allah! Do not make me return among my family."

"This is the reason and nothing else. The sincere prayer of this martyr has been accepted. Allah does not want this dead body to be returned. Among you, Ansar, there are some individuals whose prayer will be granted if they ask Allah something. Your husband, 'Amr Ibn al-Jamuh, is one of them."

All the three dead bodies were buried in Uhud in presence of the Holy Prophet (S) who turned the face towards Hind and said: "These three persons will be together in the hereafter."

Hind asked: "O Messenger of Allah! Pray to the Almighty Allah that I do join them."1

  • 1. The commentary of Ibn Abi al-Hadid, v. 3, p. 566.