Story 122: The Testimony Of Umm 'Ala

In Madinah, the Muslims constituted two groups in aggregate: The original inhabitants and those who had emigrated from outside Madinah for the occasion of the Holy Prophet’s (S) emigration. The latter were called 'Muhajirin' the Emigrants and the former, 'Ansar', the Helpers.

Having left their country, house, properties and at times their wives and children, and having dedicated themselves in their own fervour, the emigrants had neither homes, nor any means of subsistence. That was the main reason the 'Ansar' Helpers welcomed their brothers in religion with endless generosity. It was not the question of the guests or hosts but a question of the solidarity and friendly relationship. The 'Ansar' Helpers considered them as associates to their property and preferred them.

Uthman Ibn Mazun, one of the emigrants came from Makkah, lived in one of the Ansar's house. He fell ill; the persons living in the house, particularly Umm 'Ala Ansari, who was a pious woman and counted among those who had sworn allegiance at the Holy Prophet’s (S) hand from the very day, whole heartedly nursed him. But his disease was aggravated day by day and finally he died.

The members of the house were entirely aware of the strong belief and the practice of Uthman Ibn Mazun. They had understood that he was a pious Muslim. Moreover, they had also measured the affection felt by the Holy Prophet (S) towards him. These two authentic indications sufficed for every ordinary individual to testify that Uthman was one of the people of Paradise.

While they were busy arranging his burial ceremonies, the Holy Prophet (S) arrived. Umm 'Ala turned the face towards Uthman's corpse and said: "May Allah bless you, O Uthman! Presently I testify that Allah admitted you in His kingdom."

No sooner had these words come out of her mouth than the Holy Prophet (S) said: "How did you come to know that Allah had admitted him in His kingdom?"

Umm 'Ala: 'O Messenger of Allah, I just said like that, otherwise I don't know anything."

The Holy Prophet (S): "Uthman left for a world where all the things would be unveiled before him. It is obvious that I wish him a prosperous and good fate. But l should tell you that I, as a Prophet, never express such a statement about myself as well as anyone else."

Since then, Umm 'Ala did not express her opinion about anyone. If she was asked to give her opinion about a deceased, she was satisfied by saying: "At the moment, only Allah knows his condition."

A few days from the death of Uthman, Umm 'Ala dreamt that Uthman possessed a stream of water. She narrated her dream to the Holy Prophet (S) who said to her: "The stream of water represents his actions which is continually flowing."1

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