Story 83: Evacuation Of Public Bath

The despotic manners of Ummayad and Abbasside Caliphs had influenced the other walks of society. The people were gradually forgetting the simple mode of life, human and fraternal relation established by Islam; and the Holy Prophet’s (S), Imam 'Ali's ('a) and the best Companions' morals and conducts were effaced from their memories.

People were accustomed to the despotic Caliphs' behaviours to such an extent that they did not consider these customs ugly any more.

One day Imam al-Sadiq ('a) went to the public bath. According to the custom practised about the honourable men and great personalities in those days the public bath's owner asked: "Let me evacuate the public bath for you!"

The Imam ('a) said: "No, it is not necessary."


The Imam replied: "The pious believer does not bother for these things' 1

  • 1. Bihar ul-Anwar. v. 11, p. 117.