Story 85: Complaint Against Fate

Mufazil Ibn Qays was involved in the difficulties of life. Poverty, indigence, debts and daily expenses made him torment a lot. One day, he launched a long complaint in the presence of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq ('a) and began mentioning his misfortune in details: "I have such an amount of debts and I do not know how to repay it. Having such an amount of daily expenses, I do not have any source of revenue, I became miserable, I am confused, I am dazzled, every open door is closed before me....".

In conclusion he asked the Imam ('a) to pray for him and demand the Almighty Allah to solve the crux of his problem.

Imam al-Sadiq ('a) asked a servant-girl who was there: "Fetch the bag full of gold coins which Mansur has sent to us."

The small servant-girl brought immediately the bag full of gold coins. Then the Imam ('a) said to Mufazil Ibn Qays: "This bag contains four hundred dinars which will help you to survive."

"This is not my intention, what I mentioned in your presence is to ask you to say a 'Dua', prayer in my favour."

The Imam ('a) replied "All right! I will pray for you, but let me remind you about this point: Do not expose your misfortune and difficulties before the people. Its first effect is to be presented that you are defeated in the arena of existence. Thus you lose your dignity and degrade your personality and respect.1

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