Story 87: Breaking A Fast

Anas Ibn Malik was a servant at the Holy Prophet's (S) home for years, and he was proud of that until the last day of the Prophet’s (S) life. He was familiar more than anyone else to his personal habits and character and knew how a simple and informal life he (S) was having in daily food and dress.

When the Holy Prophet (S) used to fast in the month of Ramadan, all his food for breaking fast at dusk and before dawn consisted of some milk or syrup and crumbled bread in broth.

At times this simple food was separately prepared for the evening and for the dawn, and he was content with only once a day and observed a fast.

As usual, one evening Anas Ibn Malik had prepared some milk or something else for the Holy Prophet (S) to break his fast, but the Holy Prophet (S) did not come back home at the time of breaking the fast. The night was quietly getting on but he (S) did not return.

Persuaded that the Holy Prophet (S) agreeing to the request of certain companions, had broken his fast with them, Anas Ibn Malik ate all the food whatever he had prepared for the Holy Prophet (S).

It did not take a long time that the Holy Prophet (S) returned home. Anas Ibn Malik asked one of the Companions, "Where did the Holy Prophet (S) break his fast?"

He replied: "He has not broken his fast yet, certain preoccupations occurred and made him delay."

Anas became ashamed and bashful for what he had done since the night had fallen and it was impossible for him to prepare the meals once again.

He thought that the Holy Prophet (S) would ask him to offer something to eat: then he would present his excuses. From the other side, the Holy Prophet (S) came to know what had happened. Therefore he (S) did not ask for food and slept hungry.

Anas said: “As long as the Holy Prophet (S) remained alive, he (S) never mentioned the incident of that night and ignored it.”1

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