Story 89: Anarchic Constellation

Although Abdul Malik Ibn A'yun, brother of Zararat Ibn A'yun, was one of the narrators of the prophetic traditions, he had a firm belief in the principles of astrology and the influence of aspects of stars. He had collected a lot of books on this field and referred to them. Whatever decision he wanted to make and whatever work he wished to do, at first, he began referring to the astrological books and made the calculation to see, what was the stars position.

Gradually he was accustomed to this practice which made him suspicious to such an extent that he would refer to astrology in all circumstances. Day by day, he felt that this matter had paralyzed his life and his suspicion increased and that if he continues to attach to the auspicious and the inauspicious hours and days as well as the lucky and unlucky fortune and so on, the order of his life would overturn.

He did not find in himself such a power to oppose or to be indifferent towards it. However, he always envied the conditions of people who kept themselves busy doing their own affairs and trusting them in the Almighty Allah and never thinking of such things.

One day, he exposed his state to Imam al-Sadiq ('a), saying: "I am involved in the astronomical horoscope of which I can not get rid."

To his surprise, Imam al-Sadiq ('a) said in reply: "Do you believe in such things and practise them?"

"Yes, O descendant of the Messenger of Allah"

"I order you to go and burn all those books immediately"

The Imam's ('a) order made him courageous; he went and burnt all the books and got rid of them.1

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