Story 91: Resolving Of Difficulties

Safwan was sitting in the assembly of Imam al-Sadiq ('a), all of a sudden, a Makkan arrived in the assembly and exposed the problem facing him. It appeared that it was a financial problem and the matter was on the dead line.

Imam ('a) ordered Safwan: "Immediately go and help your religious brother in his problem."

Safwan went and, after easing his difficulty, came back successful.

The Imam ('a) asked: "What happened?"

He replied: "It was Allah Who solved the problem."

The Imam ('a): "Know that the same apparently insignificant request which you have granted with spending a little time of yours is more favourable and charitable than seven circumambulation of Ka'bah."

Then Imam al-Sadiq ('a) added: "Having a problem, a man came to Imam al-Hasan (‘a) and asked for help. Imam al-Hasan (‘a) put on his shoes immediately and went along with him. On the way, they saw Husayn Ibn 'Ali ('a) while he (‘a) was busy praying.

Imam al-Hasan (‘a) asked that man: "Why didn't you see Imam al-Husayn (‘a) and neglected him."

He replied: "First I wanted to go to him ('a) and to ask his help but I was informed that he ('a) had stayed in the Mosque for prayers and meditation. This was the excuse for which I did not disturb him."

Imam al-Hasan ('a) said: "However, if he had the chance to render help to you in needs, it would be better for him than to be in spiritual retirement for one month."1

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