Story 92: Who Is More Pious

One of the Imam al-Sadiq's ('a) Companions, who was always attending the lessons and teachings of the Imam ('a) and usually frequented the friend's assembly, was not being seen for some time.

One day Imam al-Sadiq ('a) asked his companions and friends: "In fact, where is so-and-so who is not being seen since a long time?"

"O descendant of the Messenger of Allah! He has recently become poor and indigent."

"And what is he doing now?"

"Nothing. He is sitting at home and dedicating all of his time in prayers."

"Then how is he managing his own life affairs?"

"One of his friends is responsible of his expenses."

"I swear by Allah! This friend of his is in a more pious stage than him."1

  • 1. Wasa’il. v. 2. p. 529.